Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Update - Chardonnay and Zinfandel

Well it's been a very long time. As you know Zinfandel had her medical tests and passed her eye exam.

Since then lots has happened. Chardonnay joined Zinfandel in the KSDS, Inc. kennels on Jan. 12th. She too had medical tests and passed her eye exam. We heard back on Zinfandel's hips, they were rated excellent. YAY!

Shortly after getting word on Zin's hips we received word that Chardonnay was being released from the program. She did not like the guide dog harness and the service dog cape had always been bothersome for her. As for social dog, let's just say she is too social to be a good example. She is now living it up in Kansas City as a pet dog. She plays, plays and plays all day. Just what she was meant to do and is very happy!

Zinfandel and three of her brothers remain in the program. They made the cover a the latest issue of KSDS, Inc. newsletter. To see the photo click here.

Zinfandel went into the prison program shortly after. We know this is a good sign. It means she adjusts well to new environments and trainers. And that she likes to train so she will be keeping her known skill set up and may even learn a new thing or two in prison.

KSDS, Inc. had its spring graduation with 6 teams graduating on April 5th. Way to go KSDS and teams!!!

We hope Zinfandel will make it back to KSDS in a bit and begin working on choosing her career path and working on her skill set. We are anxious to see what is a good fit for her. We'd love to see her graduating in the fall class. We'll let you know.