Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Odds and Ends

Zinfandel was challenged at church, on Sunday. As it was Palm Sunday 75 kids 'paraded' up to the front. The ones that ended up close to us kept waving their fronds in front of Zinfandel. She did great, with each kid that walked by she left them and didn't try to play with the fronds. This was followed by communion in which everyone walked by us after partaking. GOOD GIRL!
One last play "ON" the lake before we're back in June and she will be swimming "IN" the lake.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Training Thoughts of a First Time Puppy Raiser

No it's NOT cool, (IDIOT) that you and your friend, (Second IDIOT) bought a vest online and take your dog everywhere with you! IDIOT!!

(I apologize to my younger and easily offended readers, but I'm still smarting over this one!)

Who would have thought a mirror would be at dog level at the grocery store, in the checkout line? Good thing we trained young on mirrors.

It's a good thing I put all those KSDS bookmarks in Zinfandel's vest so we could hand one out to the nice lady who would like to become a PR.
 It's truly amazing how many times I think I'm just taking Zinfandel with me to have more exposure of the same ol' thing and there happens to be a new training moment. And even more amazing how many times I forget a camera/phone!!!!!

Training can be hard work.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ice = Indoor Outings

While we really wanted to work on Zinfandel's non-GL heeling and passing lots of dogs on leash this week, it's just not happening. It's been very cold and icy and her paws are taking a beating, so we have been doing creative indoor training. After reading another PR's blog we realized Zinfandel has never been in a pet store and we have had mixed luck with escalators, so we took a cue from Churry and hit the pet store and the mall. The escalator training went well and we ran into the Easter Bunny, all good! But we will definitely add the pet store to more training sessions! Let's just say focus was not consistent there. Especially in the food aisle! For some reason all my photos got lost except one. :(

Keeping a stay while watching the birds fly around in their containers.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Rest of the Weekend.....

Zinfandel tuckered after a big night out.
The girls play on Monday.

The girls carry a bone together.

The girls each chew a bone.

Cabernet for a Cause

From all reports the KC/Lawrence Puppy Raiser's biggest fundraiser of the year was a great success. It was another wonderful evening with great food, good wine and lots of great stuff to bid on and hope to 'win'. Zinfandel had quite the time and made a nice long weekend of it.

Hill's Science Diet Pet Food Truck we passed on the way to KC! Zinfandel knew it was going to be a good weekend!

One of the two baby blankets we donated. Brian's aunt (on the left) and mom (holding blanket) 'won' them. YAY!

Steve, Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Kristi at the big event. Zinfandel didn't do as well as we'd hoped without the GL so after a couple of hours we had to put it on. More work off GL and patience and another year and we hope that will do the trick!