Monday, November 10, 2014

Anschutz's First Snow

Today, I realized being a puppy raiser comes with a lot of firsts and lasts. For the first year or so, it's marking all the firsts, then for the last few weeks it's marking all the lasts. Here is Anschutz enjoying her first snowstorm.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anschutz Sees the U.S. Capitol Tree

The Christmas tree that will be on the west lawn was cut in Minnesota, The 88 foot spruce and it's entourage are on tour through the upper midwest on it's way to Washington. Kristi and Anschutz thought this would be a fun training outing. And it turned out to be great. We met our friend Sue. We looked at the tree, took photos, met some kids who knew petting wasn't allowed and asked if they could say hi to the dog. We also met a few adults, one who didn't know and encouraged anything but an appropriate greeting. But most people knew Anschutz was a working dog and couldn't be pet without asking. Anschutz did better in her greetings, but still an area we need to work on. It was a nice afternoon! Minding her own business and leaving the plants is still being worked on. But heeling and paying attention to Kristi, most of the time, is great!
Photo op with the tree.

Another photo op with the tree and Sue.

Working on here up.