Thursday, January 24, 2013

Passing The Time

Zinfandel is at the age where sleeping is only needed at night. So she has learned that watching people, animals, planes and other things out the window is a good way to pass the time. Today, she watched a flock of geese on the golf course.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Big?

Today, Zinfandel and I had to get our older truck tested by the Colorado Clean Air company. It's a requirement, here on the front range before you can renew your tags. I wasn't sure how she would do. It's a large garage type facility with a narrow waiting area between the two bays. They rev. the engines, knock the cars about and make a lot of noise. So off we went. She jumped out of the truck no problem and followed me into the waiting area, lots of loud noises and she didn't start once. I was glad! She also did a pretty good sit stay next to my chair through the waiting period. We didn't get to take a picture, since we were answering a lot of questions about the 'muzzle' (GL) and her age, name, work abilities, etc. We did take a picture of her in the truck, I think there is a good reason we don't take this truck out and about very often, she just doesn't fit. What do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2013

An accidental training moment...

When we were in Grand Lake we decided to go for a walk around town and down to the lake. They have a trail over the channel between Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake. They have constructed a bridge and platform that is made of open grating, so the snow and ice don't build up. Zinfandel did really well walking on this 'see through' surface to the lake, ducks and geese below.

Brrrr it's been cold!

As I write this, Zinfandel is looking at me like, "Why aren't we going on our morning walk?" It's minus 1 out, that's why. We need to wait until it gets a bit warmer. As predicted this past summer, Zinfandel prefers the cold to the heat. She loves to play in the snow and doesn't mind below freezing temps., at all! Two weekends ago, we went to Grand Lake, CO. It was minus 21 at night and barely 20 at the highest point of the day. She didn't mind at all, she just loves to play in the snow and cold. This past weekend was frigid in Denver and she was up for the doggie park and our normal golf course runs. She just isn't sure why we end sooner than normal! Her face will be coated in snow and ice and she's ready for yet another throw of the Fire Hose.

The cold is just fine with Zinfandel, at Grand Lake, CO
We're glad that doggie park went so well on Saturday. The previous Friday, we were attacked by another dog while walking on leash. Zinfandel has always been a soft dog and it took lots of work to get her to be brave when she was a puppy. Luckily, with lots of 'safe' dog exposure she seems to be coming out of this latest hurdle just fine. She was running up to other dogs, even big black ones, like the on that attacked her, with her toy and trying to get them to play with her. When on leash and an off-leash dog comes up to her, she is still a bit submissive, but at least she greets the dog and doesn't try to hide. Ah, the life of puppy raising, one step forward, one step back.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Zinfandel celebrated New Year's Eve with us at Kristi's parents' house. When we got there she was really confused because she couldn't find Uncle Steve or Chardonnay. She still had fun bringing in the new year.

You sure Chardonnay isn't here?

I guess we all have to wear these hats!