Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Photo Update

Ride home from KSDS, Inc.

First vet appointment
Crate training appears to be going well........

....for puppy and puppy raiser

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Second Puppy in Training is Now With Us

Well it's that time, again, Puppy Raiser training, errr..... puppy training. It's true what they say, the second one will be a totally different experience! We went from yellow to black, Z to A (although there is still a Z in there) and first born to last born. Lots of other personality differences, too. Just enough to keep Kristi on her toes and make her feel like she has never done this before.

Now for the details, Anschutz is the little black fur ball blessing in our home, now. She is part of the KU litter theme. Fred and Marion Anschutz of Russell, KS have a couple of buildings on the KU campus named in their honor. They are the parents of the Mr. Anschutz you all are thinking about. This litter was donated by another puppy raiser who bought a female lab with the intention of donating puppies to KSDS, Inc. THANK YOU to her and her family!!! Here's the bio on Anschutz:

"Born last in her litter, Anschutz has actually had three names in her short life. She was originally marked with a red and green ribbon, so we called her Christmas. That then morphed into her first litter name of Crimson, but the name nerver really seemed to fit. She proclaimed her name proudly when visiting the KU campus for glamour shots. After a hot, grueling day of picture taking, Annie shined in front of her namsake. She was the smallest pup at birth, but not even close to being the runt! She has been stong from the start. She can be shy one moment then bold the next. The Anschutz name is assoicated with both the Anschutz Library and Anschutz Sports Pavillion. The library houses predmoninatly scinece-related literuature and also serves as a Federal depository for US documents and for the Unted Nations. The building was dedicated in 1989, the Pavillion in 1984."

We are already in love and look forward to the next 16-24 months of training and socializing her, before her return to KSDS, Inc. for formal training and hopefully partnership with some in need.

Welcome, Anschutz!