Friday, June 29, 2012

Cabin Experieinces

Zinfandel is learning a lot of new things, up here in the mountains. Yesterday, she saw a chipmunk through the picture window. Which gave her lots of practice at "stay" and "quiet".
And today we did a "jump up", onto the hammock. We first did it last night, but didn't have the camera.
The combination of elevated and rope surface had Zinfandel a bit unsure, but soon she laid down and went to sleep, complete with snoring.
There has been too much 'leave it' practice as Zinfandel seems to love bark, pine cones, grass, sand, gravel and dirt. Ah puppies!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zinfandel In the Mountains

We arrived at our cabin, yesterday morning. Like the rest of Colorado, things are very dry and brown here. We can see smoke from the Waldo Canyon fire, but are safe. We were very lucky to get a small rain shower, yesterday. I think Zinfandel was glad we brought her pool!
Catching rain water to fill up the pool.

The next morning, waiting for water.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zinfandel's First Wedding

We were blessed to be invited to Lee's good, friend's, daughter's wedding in Estes Park, this past weekend. Lee's daughter Sarah served as maid of honor. We were a bit nervous going into the two day festivities about Zinfandel's ability to behave well. She hadn't been doing so well with the Gentle Leader and as everyone knows by now the 'wine' litter is living up to their names via 'whining'. We are happy to report she did very well. At the outdoor BBQ rehearsal dinner she found a shady spot, out of the way to lay down and stayed there through dinner. Then she went for a walk with Lee's son, Jon. At one point Kristi looked over and there sat Zinfandel watching kids throwing a brightly colored ball around and she not once broke out of sit/stay while Jon talked with friends. Later the cape came off so Zinfandel could say hi to everyone who wanted to pet her and she went for her first swim in a lake. The next day at the wedding reception she just laid down on the deck and snoozed, then for dinner she did a very good down under. Twice she went to the ladies room with Kristi and did well in the stall, (Kristi was hurrying up NOT Zinfandel). We had many compliments about how well she did and we were very pleased. Will we get pay back as she moves into the terrible twos and teenage years? LOL!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Did It!!!

After dedicated work on getting to know and love the vacuum, we can happily report we've done it! Well, o.k. Zinfandel probably wouldn't say she loves it, but she is doing well. Today, she did commands right next to it, with it running. Then when Kristi started using it she just sat and watched. I think she would still like to run to another room. But we'll take it! As many of you know Zinfandel couldn't stand to be in the same part of the house as the vacuum. Then when we were at convention we were standing at the elevator bank chatting with several people about KSDS, Inc. and assistant dogs in training. A housekeeper came into the area running a vacuum. Zinfandel didn't try to take off, but she wasn't settled so we knew this was very important to conquer. And I'm happy to say we've done it. Of course I didn't have the camera, but we will keep practicing so we'll post a picture another time.
Taking a Nap After Success!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Weekend

Practicing Sit/Stay in the Front Yard with Howard
Watching Ladder Ball and Not Chasing the Balls!

Good Down/Stay While Lee Throws the Balls
Seeing the New Pool for the First Time

Trying for a Funny Face Like Brother Merlot

Water, Water Every Where!

Drying Off

Catching Up on Sleep After a Busy Weekend

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kristi in Training

Good news, bad news. We finally got our shipment of the gentle leaders. Kristi loved the change in walking Zinfandel, yesterday. But Zinfandel is NOT a fan. Today, we never made it out of the yard. Zinfandel is throwing a huge pouting fit. So, it's patience for Kristi and I'm not sure I've got it in me. We'll see.....
What I'd Do to Deserve This?

I'm So Pitiful!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zinfandel Loves Football

We don't mention Lee much on this blog, but he is a big part of Zinfandel's life, too. She just loves him so much. Mostly, he plays with her and gives her lots of hugs, (she didn't like those too much and was something that needed to be worked on, now it's an old habit). So, when it's about 4:15 she starts looking (and unfortunately whining) for Lee, even when he has gone on a business trip. Yesterday, I realized she wasn't near me and I took off looking for her, worried of what I'd find. Instead of a mess, I found these cute pictures. (His office is in the basement.)

Luckily for Zinfandel, 5 wasn't too far away and Lee did come up to play some FOOTBALL with her.
Her donated puppy blanket is the touchdown zone, since she was taught to target her blanket at an young age.
Penalty! Lee told Zinfandel to sit/stay and then went in for the score.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zinfandel Loves the Water

When Zinfandel was visiting Chardonnay a few weeks ago they played in a baby pool. Zinfandel really liked it the first night, so Kristi didn't think there would be any problems with water. But, very recently she has started reacting to sprinklers. Lee turned on the water spout on the deck the other night to get her interested in water coming out of things. It took her awhile, but after a bit she was zipping through it. So, yesterday, we took her to the doggie park. Now this ain't your NYC doggie park, this is wide open space with a stream running through it and on a Sunday tons of people, kids and dogs. So the socialization experience was amazing. Which is really good since we don't know a lot of young kids and not many dog owners. When we took her to the stream, Lee through her ball in and she went right after it, of course in a deep spot, she sunk down and popped up like a bobber. Of course Kristi forgot her camera in the car! We took her to a shallower section and she ran up and down the stream getting her ball, playing nice with other dogs trying to take her ball and in general getting very wet! Now that's a fun Sunday and a worn out puppy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Exciting 12 Hours

We were in the middle of packing up to go over to Howard and Julie's, then out to eat. When Kristi heard a strange noise. She looked outside and there was a car in the yard on top of a tree. Whatever damage the hail did to the plants, flowers and trees, looked minor compared to this!

It ended up being a good teaching moment for Zinfandel, as she met police in uniform, firefighters in their gear, saw a lady wheeled away on a gurney and into an ambulance, met all those who came to talk and stare, saw the flashing lights and watched the tow truck at work.

Then this morning Kristi and Zinfandel went on an extra long walk. We came across a very large bull snake. Now, I am deathly afraid of snakes. I tried to be as confident as possible while walking by it. This is important, so Zinfandel doesn't sense anything wrong and become afraid. I will really hope I didn't mess this one up! (No photo!)
Watching for cars?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Going Out Wears Zinfandel Out

Zinfandel went to her first restaurant, yesterday morning for breakfast. She was a bit whinny at first, but once she figured out we were going to be there for awhile and she wasn't really missing anything interesting, she curled up under the booth seat and went right to sleep. Kristi had brought a Nylabone for Zinfandel and it was under the table and visible, but Zinfandel wasn't. A lady asked Kristi why there was a bone under the table. LOL! Then, today, Zinfandel went to another restaurant for lunch and we sat outside. That proved to be too much for Zinfandel, she wouldn't stay settled. So after lunch we went to the park with Melanie and played a lot. Melanie's mom and son joined us. Then the rain headed our way so it was time to head home for a nap.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Zinfandel's First Big Outting

Now that Zinfandel is legal (shots and cape) she gets to go a lot of places. Kristi had a convention to attend this weekend and since Lee was out of town, Zinfandel got to go with Kristi. Zinfandel experienced many new things. First of all there were over 415 registered participants, so imagine the socialization! Then there was moving in and yes, it was moving in. (Zinfandel had a crate, suitcase and bag. Kristi had a suitcase, buckets, bottles of wine, snack food, case of water, flowers, and three storage bins of materials. Oh and a purse!) I think the bell hops were not sure one cart would be enough! 
After unloading the truck we went through a revolving door. Nothing like a new experience to ensure Zinfandel 'heels'. :)
Then off to the elevator. This was Zinfandel's first experience in an elevator. We were on the 7th floor, so between hurry up breaks, walks, play time, meals, meetings and other activities we were in those elevators a lot. This was a good time for Zinfandel to practice her 'sit/stays'. I think the motion of going up felt funny to Zinfandel, but she did great. 
We shared a room with Paisley and Zinfandel was happy to see she was already in the room. Nothing like a familiar face to make it feel more like home. 
Kristi had a meeting right away and so back down the elevator. She transferred handlers for the first of many times during the weekend. And while she wasn't heeling or doing any commands she did go with the handler to walk around the room and meet everyone.
During the happy hour, Kristi was hosting with two other ladies, Zinfandel was very active, she wanted ice out of the drink buckets and didn't want to 'stay', rather she wanted to be in the middle of everything.
The opening ceremonies, at dinner, made quite a challenge for 'down under'. With all that food, commotion of servers, people laughing, loud music and speakers. Also, Kristi needed to go up on stage and speak. So, Zinfandel was handed off, once again. She did fine, I guess. At least I didn't hear her. 
Another first was going into a public restroom, which happened to be a men's. (The convention is all women, so they converted one of the men's room into a women's.) Kristi wasn't sure how Zinfandel would handle being in a stall with her, so when one of her friends offered to take Zinfandel, Kristi took that opportunity. Zinfandel did a beautiful 'sit/stay' for the new handler and stayed like that while she met many people who were waiting their turn. The automatic urinals that were going off, (because of everyone walking by them)  didn't seem to bother Zinfandel.
At the end of Saturday, Kristi decided Zinfandel could use a break, it had been a very stimulating day and a half. Annie came to the hotel and stayed with Zinfandel in the hotel room, while Kristi went to dinner and the evening program. Zinfandel left Annie's room service alone and asked to be taken out. Annie did a great job of getting Zinfandel 'dressed' and downstairs to 'hurry up'. THANK YOU, ANNIE!
Zinfandel did get bored during the long business meeting sessions. During voting of one amendment, Zinfandel 'talked'; we're still not sure if it was a pro or con vote. :)
Overall she did great during her many teaching moments and a lot of people learned about  KSDS, Inc.
All Moved In
Early Morning Playtime

Trying to Sneak in a Nap While Kristi  Gets Ready

Sneaking Out From 'Down Under' Kristi's Chair

Napping During the Meeting

Playtime during a Break