Monday, July 9, 2012

The Past 10 Days

We can't believe so much time has passed since our last posting! We unplugged from the internet, cell phones, etc., last week as we were on vacation in the mountains. Zinfandel had lots of fun as there was a lot more time off leash than on leash! She attended her first parade, (Who knew they threw so much candy out for all those running kiddos?), played in a mountain stream, climbed on odd surfaces, learned to stay away from the coyote, hung in the hammock, waited for the rains to come to fill her pool up and learned to 'stay' while the humans played all sorts of games that involved throwing things that she really wanted (washers, bocci balls, pong balls, etc.).
Then yesterday was the dreaded drive from CO to MN. Being older and bigger made the trip not quite as easy as last month. But we still did well and are now enjoying MN. We went on our first shopping outings (we don't like to shop, but Zinfandel needs to learn) - the liquor store (hey she's from the wine litter) and Target. Tonight we hope to go swimming in the lake. Ah summer and puppies!
Hang Time!
Waiting for the Fourth of July Parade to Start.
Watching the Mounted Color Guard.
Ahhhh, cool, mountain water!
Climbing on a Boulder.
Kristi and Lee always take a picture at the top of a Colorado pass. This is Zinfandel's first pass. Zinfandel wasn't sure what was going on, as Lee was setting the auto-timer on the camera and came running around to her side.          

You promise this will be more fun than yesterday's 15 hour trip?

Not too bad of a heel in Target.

Nice sit stay while Kristi looks at shoes.

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