Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Urgent Care Visit

Lee has been coughing for weeks now and has a hectic travel schedule coming up. So finally he agreed it would be wise to go to Urgent Care on the way to the airport. We were in the waiting area and had no issues. However, as we went to go back into the exam rooms, both duty nurses had issues with Zinfandel going back. One nurse asked if she was a service dog (yes her Puppy in Training Vest was on and visible), so we started to explain the situation. After much discussion, Kristi and Zinfandel decided it would be best for everyone to head back to the waiting area. We are in the process of educating the management of the situation in hopes that no one truly needing to take their service animal back to the exam area with them will encounter this same issue. It's just so sad the lack of education out there in the world.
In the waiting area.


  1. Yep, been there! Hopefully you educated and they will be more understanding next time :)
    Hopefully the cough wasn't too bad!

  2. Hope Lee feels better and kudos to you for education. It seems so simple, but so many people are ignorant of these beautiful animals.