Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Fun!

Wow, I cannot  believe it has been 25 days since we have posted anything. I'm sort of glad though, it means I unplugged and spent time with family and friends, enjoying the holiday season. Zinfandel learned that the holidays can be super fun, especially when you celebrate Christmas twice and there is a lot of travel involved. The girl put in 3000 road miles between Nov. 12th and Dec. 24th. Enjoy the past month through our photos. and Happy New Year to each of you.

End of the world party.

Minnesota Christmas

First Christmas present. She gently strips one section of paper off, spits it out and then grabs another until the gift is fully unwrapped, gives it to Kristi to take out of the packaging and then takes it back. She did this with all of her gifts, what a good girl!

That was fun!

The stockings were hung with care...........Christmas Eve in Colorado.
Zinfandel enjoys her new bed and Chardonnay sleeps in hers after a big day celebrating.

I really love this new bed, thanks, Uncle Brian and Uncle Steve!

At the Denver Museum of Natural History to visit Pompeii.

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