Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Big?

Today, Zinfandel and I had to get our older truck tested by the Colorado Clean Air company. It's a requirement, here on the front range before you can renew your tags. I wasn't sure how she would do. It's a large garage type facility with a narrow waiting area between the two bays. They rev. the engines, knock the cars about and make a lot of noise. So off we went. She jumped out of the truck no problem and followed me into the waiting area, lots of loud noises and she didn't start once. I was glad! She also did a pretty good sit stay next to my chair through the waiting period. We didn't get to take a picture, since we were answering a lot of questions about the 'muzzle' (GL) and her age, name, work abilities, etc. We did take a picture of her in the truck, I think there is a good reason we don't take this truck out and about very often, she just doesn't fit. What do you think?

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