Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ice = Indoor Outings

While we really wanted to work on Zinfandel's non-GL heeling and passing lots of dogs on leash this week, it's just not happening. It's been very cold and icy and her paws are taking a beating, so we have been doing creative indoor training. After reading another PR's blog we realized Zinfandel has never been in a pet store and we have had mixed luck with escalators, so we took a cue from Churry and hit the pet store and the mall. The escalator training went well and we ran into the Easter Bunny, all good! But we will definitely add the pet store to more training sessions! Let's just say focus was not consistent there. Especially in the food aisle! For some reason all my photos got lost except one. :(

Keeping a stay while watching the birds fly around in their containers.


  1. Good job, Zinfandel! Glad Churry could give you some ideas! Churry LOVES the birds.