Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where has Zinfnadel Been?

We sure haven't posted in awhile. We are sort of in this period where we are focusing on the same commands to ensure they are strong and going the same places. So nothing really new to report. We did go out to dinner to celebrate gpa's birthday, last night. Zinfnadel is usually ready to leave anywhere after 1.5 hours. She gets antsy and adjusts her down under a lot. Last night it was so hot in the restaurant we didn't know how long she would last. As expected at about 1 hour 20 min. she became a bit restless. So we took her out for a "hurry-up". It was really so she could get some cool air and stretch her legs. We asked for a cup of ice. She munched on some ice and went into a 'down-under' under Kristi's chair. She just looked at the window and then went back to sleep. She lasted almost 4 hours! WOW! Good girl.
Passing the time - Zinfandel looks out the window while on a down and under.

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