Friday, September 20, 2013

Only Dog Things

Zinfandel has never grabbed, chewed or shown any interest in human items. As a puppy, she never took anything that wasn't a puppy approved item. We even left stuff on the floor, on tables, etc. She just always seemed to  know, that's a 2-legged dog's item and these are mine. Which for most puppy owners/raisers that's a miracle and nothing to complain about. What we have found is that it makes training her to do tasks, she may do one day for her partner, harder. It's been with lots of patience and time we got her to know it was ok to pick up a pen or keys or a phone. Her uncle Steve worked with her on the remote, last year. So these things are now routine. I decided, yesterday to work her on laundry, to give her mind a new challenge. She just wasn't sure it was ok to put her mouth on those nice clean clothes in the dryer. By the end of the load she learned that tugging the item out, handing it to me and waiting while I folded that piece and then doing to again when commanded was ok and what I was wanting her to do. She even stuck most of her body all the way into the dryer to get that last pair of shorts. But she definitely waits until she is commanded on each piece. Too funny.....
Happy Fall


  1. What a good girl! I bet laundry is a lot more fun with a helper! Dante and Moray are polar opposites in that regard; I had to keep pretty much everything put away even up until Dante turned in, but Moray is more like Zinfandel and doesn't care about anything lying around. We don't train tasks, so I think that made it harder for Dante because I don't want him thinking it is completely wrong, but could not teach it on command either. I am SO enjoying a puppy who only touches his toys!