Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anschutz May Just Have It

This morning I had a medical procedure that has left me hobbled up. I limped over to the door to let Anschutz out. She came right up alongside me to get dressed (put her leash on) and sat immediately at the door. She waited while I slowly stepped out and off the doorstep then gave the command follow. She followed very gently and kept looking up at me looking for cues. Was she going to fast? Was it ok to keep walking? When she started across the driveway, I told her no (she was heading to her normal hurry up spot), she turned looked at me and I commanded hurry up and she used the small piece of grass right at my feet. As soon as she was praised she came right up along me and heeled back to the door where she sat and waited until I lifted myself up the step and through the door. She patiently set while I took her leash off. I'll be well soon, but this little dog just might truly get the need to be attentive and look for cues/commands when someone is depending on her. Two years is a long ways away, but this is a bright spot in my day, today!

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