Friday, April 13, 2012

And so it begins......

Welcome to our first post! If you are reading this you most likely know that Lee and I are in the process of becoming puppy raisers for KSDS, Inc.,
We will be responsible for raising a yellow Labrador Retriever for 16-20 months. We are to housebreak, teach commands and manners, socialize the puppy and take the pup out into the big world.
This has been a dream for Kristi for quite some time. Lee on the other hand has been a bit hesitant. But being the wonderful husband he is, he saw the light and gave the go-ahead in January.
This morning an experienced puppy raiser drove to Washington, KS to pick up four puppies, including ours and my brother's. I'm looking forward to raising our first puppy with my brother, as it will be his fourth!
We head out on Sunday and I will pick our puppy up on Monday.
Our puppy, Zinfandel, is part of the litter theme, wines! Pretty appropriate for us! And with that, we introduce you to Zinfandel!


  1. Welcome to the blogger world!!!!! Zin is ADORABLE!!!! And so precious!

  2. When do we get to meet the puppy? Can not wait!!