Thursday, April 26, 2012

So this is what it's like to go backwards........

Zinfandel has decided she doesn't like her crate, after all. She still does well at night (fingers crossed), but during the day she is not so happy. Yesterday was really bad, so today we did a bunch of little breaks in the crate. "Sitting" is still going well as is "hurry up" and "recall". "Bring it" really depends on what kind of a mood she is in. And "give it" is a major work in progress. So we are going to focus on the crate and praise a lot when "bring it" and "give it" are good. 
Zinfandel had a good visit with friend, Lisa, last night and neighbor Tom, today. She learned about strangers coming in the house and into our den area; as we had a water issue and Aurora Water came into Kristi's office. She also did well taking in new things like, the big green trash can, some loud cars, big trucks and tractors that trim the golf course. Her newest distraction is chasing leaves.

 Revisiting Crate Training
 Playing with Tom
Zinfandel the Great Leaf Killer


  1. Oh boy - sounds EXACTLY like Merlot. Okay in the crate at night but HATES it during the day and makes a stink about it vocally! And, he also hates to "give it". Apparently, him and Mandi had a 'coming to Jesus' meeting about it yesterday! ;)

    Good luck - I guess that's why we get 2 years with them huh? :)

  2. Sounds like Zinfandel may need to meet Mandi. :) Thank goodness for two year is right.