Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Day Wears Zinfandel Out

Zinfandel went to the airport, again, to pick up Paisley, then she went to lunch. She experienced lots of noises and sights, including a wild child and another dog using a doggie walker for his back legs. Then a quick play with Tom in the backyard and off to the vet. She was weighed on the big dog scale, this time, got a shot and some liquid up the snout. She did very well. Then she saw the in-house cat and wanted to say 'hi', I think she remembered him from last week. She saw a big and fairly aggressive dog and decided to say 'hi' from a distance. Back home she was visited by four kids, the first in her house, so a very good experience for her. She got lots of holding, hugging and toy stealing. I think she thought Patrick was a littermate. She really enjoyed playing with him and the three girls. I think she knew the adults were there to see Kristi. Then it was bath time and introduction of a new command, 'stay'. She already seems to get this one! Just wish we could say the same about down and daytime crating.

 Zinfandel meets the kids.
 Zinfandel meets the grown-ups
Will you play with me, please?

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