Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zinfandel Likes the End of a Business Week

Well, don't we all. It's usually a time for friends, family and fun. Lee came home from a week long business trip and Zinfandel was very happy to see him. Zinfandel has a very busy social calendar for the weekend. Annie came and played with her Friday afternoon, Howard and Julie came over for Mother's Day Dinner, Friday night. Saturday is a play date with a Golden Retriever and Sunday is the big road trip to Minnesota. I think Zinfandel will enjoy Minnesota, she has been so hot here in Colorado the nice cool 60's will be better.
 Annie is a great trainer and Zinfandel learned a lot from her.
Howard and Julie take a picture to compare Zinfandel's growth from last week.


  1. WOW, that girl is quite the lil traveler! Can you send the cooler weather this way? Merlot hates the heat!

  2. It must run in the litter, I hear Chardonnay isn't a big fan of it either. :) We'll be in KC in 10 days or so, maybe we can get the pups together.