Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frigid Temps. = Creative Training

It has been minus 15 to minus 25, with the windchill the past few days, here in not so sunny Minnesota. So, we have been staying inside, mostly due to Kristi's dislike of temps. that cold and in concern for Zinfandel's paws. As we all guessed, this past VERY hot summer in KS, Zinfandel loves the cold and snow. She would play in it all day if allowed. But this was too cold! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we have some cold temps. this year to kill off some of the bugs, but I'm a whimp! Plus I wish we would get the snow everyone else is getting, CO and MN are soooo dry!
So we came up with some creative ways to keep her mind busy, her training on track and hoped for some wearing out. We did an outing to the mall. Kristi's least favorite place. She had lots of practice with down/stays, sit/stays, not being petted, heeling, waiting while Kristi "shopped" and lots of practice on escalators (not Zinfandel's favorite mode of up and down transport) and elevators, (Zinfandel thinks these make much more sense). Another day was a trip to the Library. Kristi thought this would give Zinfandel some 'office' like experience. Watching people, under a table in a down/stay and not whining or moving around. Plus more brain work to wear her out, right? HA! She took a long hard nap. At least she was in a down/under, didn't whine and got some sort outing in right?????
Today while most of her litter mates, half siblings and cousins from KSDS get to play in some serious snow, she finally got to go outside! She went out on the frozen lake. She rode in the car for the first time on a frozen lake on Sunday. Then played for 10 min. (there's that cold thing again!) on Monday. And today went for a nice long walk on it. She alert barked when a car came onto the ice. Kristi couldn't figure out why she was baking at a car. She has never done that, but figured it might have to do with being out on the wide open lake. Then as she alert barked a second time and third time, Kristi figured out it was the cracking of the ice that had her alert barking. LOL! Gotta get used to that if you're gonna be a MN dog this season.

Driving on to the lake.

Zinfandel checking it out.

"What happened to my swimming hole?"

Running on the snow on the lake.
"Hurry up, I wanna go play!"

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  1. Zin you really look like you know how to handle snow. What a good girl!