Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Zinfandel!

It is the first birthday for the KSDS, Inc. wine litter. Zinfandel and her siblings are all still with their puppy raisers and are looking forward to their big night, Cabernet for a Cause. Zinfandel has asked for her birthday, that everyone donate to KSDS, Inc. in honor of Cabernet for a Cause. You can send a cash donation in to KSDS or go online, here, please note Cabernet for a Cause in your memo or in the comments section. Proceeds are going to improvements to the Canine Housing Unit at KSDS. That is where the puppies are born and where the dogs stay when they are in "college". Lee, Kristi and Zinfandel will be traveling to KS to attend the fun night and support a wonderful cause. Again, Happy Birthday to Zinfandel and all the wine litter!

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