Thursday, June 6, 2013


As you know it's been slow on this blog. We made a decision in late April to put our CO home on the market and move to MN, full-time. What a whirlwind. The realtor advised us to get it on the market that weekend, we had four days to fix, clean, stage and go. So Zinfandel got a lot of practice with sit, stay, down, stay, move and out. She also learned about packing up the car and heading out of the house for showings. Lots of park time and play time. Then the work really began. The garage sale was her best performance, ever. She stayed in her down or sit for two full days and only got up when commanded. She was a little worried the first three times our stuff left the driveway with some new owner. It was like she was alerting me, but then she seemed to settle. Until her baby pool left. She really seemed worried then. I tried to tell her she'd have lakes to swim in now which she likes way more than a pool! We are under contract and plan to leave for MN, next week. So it's been packing, packing, packing. So far, pretty good, she doesn't seem the least bit worried that most of the furniture is gone, I work at the kitchen table now and boxes are stacking up everywhere. I think it's due to her water bowl and bed are in the same spots and she still gets her walks and play time in. Nothing new for her!

Also, during this time we have seen a lot of maturing in her. She really seems to get it when we go out, now. But her alert barking has started. She never used to do this, but she always has been a few weeks behind her litter mates. (They have been alert barking for awhile, now.)

We'll post from MN, next, unless there is something really important to report between now and then.
The best way to ignore a move, play with your BFF.

Taking a nap after packing.


  1. Wow! Busy, busy! I had to do big moves with two of my pups so I know how that goes! ( plus all our pet dogs!)

    Where in MN? I have all my family in southern MN and Northern Iowa. We may also make the move up there soon :)

  2. We are going to land in Eden Prairie (SW suburb) next week. But then hope to land a bit south of there by the fall. It'd be great to have an experienced PR close by!