Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zinfandel Loves Minnesota

We knew Zinfandel would love Minnesota, it's much cooler and she is a cool weather dog. Plus there are a lot more opportunities to swim, another of her favorite pastimes. She hasn't had much exercise or training the past few weeks, with the move, Kristi looking for a permanent house and Lee traveling. So, we think she has decided that being naughty is the way to go. Kristi took her to the preserve the other day and she ended up in the muddy water, (Kristi's fault for not realizing how much rain has been falling up her over the past month). So she got a bath and smelled so nice and clean. And Kristi made a mental note to stay out of the preserve for awhile. So, Kristi took Zinfandel over to a dog friend's house the next couple of days. Moose had company, Cooper. Well let's just say three labs ended up in the back yard muddy pond. Another bath for Zinfandel, but no soap this time. So we have been taking her to the lake to burn off that energy. Well we have had so much rain the past few nights, we now have a small stream and mud hole in our back yard. Of course Kristi didn't know about the mud hole.

You should take me to the lake for a swim so I can get clean!

We will be getting back into the training mode soon!

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  1. Not sure where you guys are but growing up in North Iowa and have family in southern MN and Minneapolis, I love MN TOO!