Sunday, July 7, 2013

What About My Training?

We are happy to announce we are under contract for a permanent home. It's been a busy week of sanding, painting, building, staining, yard work, etc., in effort to get our current MN home market ready. Zinfandel has gotten more training and exercise than in the past few weeks, but still not what she used to get. We are all so ready to be moved into our new home and settled. Of course that's months off, yet. But at least some training is coming back into the schedule. Yesterday, Kristi was so proud of Zinfandel. She did so well at three busy stores. Walking behind the cart, watching Kristi for cues and not trying to get attention or rub her gentle leader off. At the last stop, the grocery store, they do not bag your groceries, it's DIY. Also, they have two sets of people's groceries going down the one cashier lane, so it gets pretty crowded. Usually we go during the week and they don't have the cashier lanes on either side open, so there is room for two people, their groceries, their carts and a very tucked in dog. Not on Saturday!!! It was wall to wall people and carts. So, I pushed the cart across the way up against a wall and told Zinfandel to sit/stay and watch her tail (tuck it in to her body). I walked back across the aisle and bagged all of our groceries, carried one bag at a time back to the cart and repeated. Zinfandel didn't budge once and kept her tail tucked in!!!! I was so proud of her! The cashier told me it looked like she was in time out, but who cares she was doing so well ignoring everyone walking by her. As we left the manager told me she was so amazed. Of course we all know this should be no big deal for a working dog. But it still made me happy for Zinfandel and her future! Of course, no camera. I can barely keep up with all the projects, managing daily life and Zinfandel, let alone remember a camera. But I wanted to share with you!
Have a great week!
Zinfandel at 8 weeks

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  1. Way to go Zinfandel! "Real life" is important training too! Moving is crazy, and adding in a PIT can make it harder. We have had such a busy month with Moray coming and house guests of the 2 and 4-legged kind, so I have felt so behind with Moray, and like I have been neglecting D's training. While busy seasons are okay, it is always good to get back into our schedule. :-)