Monday, August 20, 2012


What an amazing weekend. Kristi and Zinfandel traveled to Washington, KS, birthplace of Zinfandel and campus of KSDS, Inc. We learned a lot and really felt welcomed by the KSDS puppy raising family. We'll let the pictures speak for us.
Can someone get me a shade? It's a long way to KSDS.

Dried out corn crops.

What's the paw capacity in this restaurant?

A morning play in the park before PUPS days begins.

Are we ready?

You're a funny lookin' and smellin' dog....
Wanna make a break for it?

The reason puppy raisers do it!

Glad to have the opportunity to take this photo!


A great photo of Zinfandel, but she should be paying attention to her handler!


  1. That sound like such a great weekend with so many wonderful experiences for Zinfandel!

    And look at those legs in the last picture!!!

  2. It's just because I'm so appealing she'd rather look at me taking her photo than at her handler! HA HA HA - kidding! :)

    1. You are very appealing, but she is such a camera diva. :)