Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tired Puppies

This morning Kristi attempted to take both girls on a walk and down to the park for some training. The walk went much better than expected. The training session was short as the two girls couldn't stay focused for too long, while competing with each other. Chardonnay did great on the playground surfaces and jump-on. Zinfandel wasn't so sure about jumping on stuff that seemed too human. She does great jump-on into the car, but everything else seems foreign to her. I was hoping that with Chardonnay showing her it's ok she'd go for it, but I guess we'll need to work on that after Char-Char is back home in KC. Unfortunately, Kristi forgot the camera, again! We did do some training this afternoon, with one girl in the crate while the other worked. They did really well and were much more focused. They seem to be a bit tired this afternoon, as this video shows.

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  1. No more forgetting the camera! We wanna see pics! :)