Monday, August 27, 2012

Zinfandel Invites Chardonnay to the Cabin

We took the girls to the cabin this past weekend. We are currently under contract and hope to have it sold by mid-September (please, please, please). So, we needed to get up there and start packing and hauling stuff out of there. Zinfandel loves the cabin, mostly because it's like vacation for her. Very little training and lots of running off-leash. Chardonnay wasn't so sure about the running around off-leash. But as soon as she figured out that if she kept between the humans and Zinfandel, she'd not get lost, she had a blast. We're back in Aurora and this morning Kristi took Chardonnay to the park for some training time. They have a kiddie playground and we practiced a lot of jump on and offs as well as walking on different surface types. (No photos, Kristi forgot the camera!)
Waiting for dinner!

Resting after all that running outside.

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