Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Training in the Park

Kristi finally remembered to take a camera to the park, this morning. We have two prominent goals, right now. First, get Chardonnay to down-stay with distractions and secondly, to get Zinfandel to jump-on any surface other than the floorboard of a vehicle. I have been hoping that with Chardonnay leading the way, Zinfandel would get it. Also, Chardonnay is a great heeler and I'm hoping that Zinfandel will heel better when she hears all the praise Chardonnay gets. Chardonnay gets the benefit of seeing Zinfandel do a quick sit or quick down and with that she gets lots of happy praise, (and some kibble, once in awhile), very quickly. Also, Zinfandel does a nice auto-sit at curbs so Chardonnay can learn from her. It's great having sisters to work together.
Down-stays in the cool grass after walking to the park.

On top of the picnic table after a successful jump-on, (it took a piece of kibble).

The table is metal and painted, so it's very slippery and has quarter sized holes on the top.

Chardonnay says, "So been here done this, come on!" Zinfandel says, "Am I ok? What happens next?"

Chardonnay, "I'm just gonna take a nap." Zinfandel, "O.k., so nothing awful has happened, yet."

Chardonnay jumped on the first three round steps then does a down-stay.

Chardonnay to Zinfandel, "How much longer do you think this training session will last?"

Accidentally took this while working "off"...

"Hey sis, you did it! No kibble, just followed me, good job!"

"Thanks, sis, now can you please do a down-stay so we can go home?"
Pretty girls.

A heeling we will go, a heeling we will go, hi-ho a heeling we will go.


  1. That is so sweet! I never realized just how much they teach each other until Dante went to another raiser's house for a week and came back with some better manners from watching her pup.

    That is great that the girls get a few weeks to cheer each other on!

  2. Aw, glad they are doing so well together! ANd you certainly are exposing them to a lot.

  3. Wow good job! Seemes to me that I had opposite problems with mine, Sit-Stay was harder for them. Interesting to see what pups breeze though and which ones have an area of work :) They look so good together :)