Monday, June 4, 2012

Zinfandel's First Big Outting

Now that Zinfandel is legal (shots and cape) she gets to go a lot of places. Kristi had a convention to attend this weekend and since Lee was out of town, Zinfandel got to go with Kristi. Zinfandel experienced many new things. First of all there were over 415 registered participants, so imagine the socialization! Then there was moving in and yes, it was moving in. (Zinfandel had a crate, suitcase and bag. Kristi had a suitcase, buckets, bottles of wine, snack food, case of water, flowers, and three storage bins of materials. Oh and a purse!) I think the bell hops were not sure one cart would be enough! 
After unloading the truck we went through a revolving door. Nothing like a new experience to ensure Zinfandel 'heels'. :)
Then off to the elevator. This was Zinfandel's first experience in an elevator. We were on the 7th floor, so between hurry up breaks, walks, play time, meals, meetings and other activities we were in those elevators a lot. This was a good time for Zinfandel to practice her 'sit/stays'. I think the motion of going up felt funny to Zinfandel, but she did great. 
We shared a room with Paisley and Zinfandel was happy to see she was already in the room. Nothing like a familiar face to make it feel more like home. 
Kristi had a meeting right away and so back down the elevator. She transferred handlers for the first of many times during the weekend. And while she wasn't heeling or doing any commands she did go with the handler to walk around the room and meet everyone.
During the happy hour, Kristi was hosting with two other ladies, Zinfandel was very active, she wanted ice out of the drink buckets and didn't want to 'stay', rather she wanted to be in the middle of everything.
The opening ceremonies, at dinner, made quite a challenge for 'down under'. With all that food, commotion of servers, people laughing, loud music and speakers. Also, Kristi needed to go up on stage and speak. So, Zinfandel was handed off, once again. She did fine, I guess. At least I didn't hear her. 
Another first was going into a public restroom, which happened to be a men's. (The convention is all women, so they converted one of the men's room into a women's.) Kristi wasn't sure how Zinfandel would handle being in a stall with her, so when one of her friends offered to take Zinfandel, Kristi took that opportunity. Zinfandel did a beautiful 'sit/stay' for the new handler and stayed like that while she met many people who were waiting their turn. The automatic urinals that were going off, (because of everyone walking by them)  didn't seem to bother Zinfandel.
At the end of Saturday, Kristi decided Zinfandel could use a break, it had been a very stimulating day and a half. Annie came to the hotel and stayed with Zinfandel in the hotel room, while Kristi went to dinner and the evening program. Zinfandel left Annie's room service alone and asked to be taken out. Annie did a great job of getting Zinfandel 'dressed' and downstairs to 'hurry up'. THANK YOU, ANNIE!
Zinfandel did get bored during the long business meeting sessions. During voting of one amendment, Zinfandel 'talked'; we're still not sure if it was a pro or con vote. :)
Overall she did great during her many teaching moments and a lot of people learned about  KSDS, Inc.
All Moved In
Early Morning Playtime

Trying to Sneak in a Nap While Kristi  Gets Ready

Sneaking Out From 'Down Under' Kristi's Chair

Napping During the Meeting

Playtime during a Break

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  1. WOW Zin, that makes me worn out just reading about it! Sounds like you did super at your first convention. Those can be so hard with so many people to greet and say hello to! So many new experiences - my goodness!! And wow, what a great multi-tasker your puppy raiser is to handle that convention, talk and keep an eye out for you!