Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Did It!!!

After dedicated work on getting to know and love the vacuum, we can happily report we've done it! Well, o.k. Zinfandel probably wouldn't say she loves it, but she is doing well. Today, she did commands right next to it, with it running. Then when Kristi started using it she just sat and watched. I think she would still like to run to another room. But we'll take it! As many of you know Zinfandel couldn't stand to be in the same part of the house as the vacuum. Then when we were at convention we were standing at the elevator bank chatting with several people about KSDS, Inc. and assistant dogs in training. A housekeeper came into the area running a vacuum. Zinfandel didn't try to take off, but she wasn't settled so we knew this was very important to conquer. And I'm happy to say we've done it. Of course I didn't have the camera, but we will keep practicing so we'll post a picture another time.
Taking a Nap After Success!


  1. Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment! Whoohooo!!!! Her big half sister Ellie hates vacuums too. She is growing so much!

    1. Thanks! Yes, she is, I think they all are! :)