Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zinfandel Loves Football

We don't mention Lee much on this blog, but he is a big part of Zinfandel's life, too. She just loves him so much. Mostly, he plays with her and gives her lots of hugs, (she didn't like those too much and was something that needed to be worked on, now it's an old habit). So, when it's about 4:15 she starts looking (and unfortunately whining) for Lee, even when he has gone on a business trip. Yesterday, I realized she wasn't near me and I took off looking for her, worried of what I'd find. Instead of a mess, I found these cute pictures. (His office is in the basement.)

Luckily for Zinfandel, 5 wasn't too far away and Lee did come up to play some FOOTBALL with her.
Her donated puppy blanket is the touchdown zone, since she was taught to target her blanket at an young age.
Penalty! Lee told Zinfandel to sit/stay and then went in for the score.

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