Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Exciting 12 Hours

We were in the middle of packing up to go over to Howard and Julie's, then out to eat. When Kristi heard a strange noise. She looked outside and there was a car in the yard on top of a tree. Whatever damage the hail did to the plants, flowers and trees, looked minor compared to this!

It ended up being a good teaching moment for Zinfandel, as she met police in uniform, firefighters in their gear, saw a lady wheeled away on a gurney and into an ambulance, met all those who came to talk and stare, saw the flashing lights and watched the tow truck at work.

Then this morning Kristi and Zinfandel went on an extra long walk. We came across a very large bull snake. Now, I am deathly afraid of snakes. I tried to be as confident as possible while walking by it. This is important, so Zinfandel doesn't sense anything wrong and become afraid. I will really hope I didn't mess this one up! (No photo!)
Watching for cars?

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