Friday, June 15, 2012

Kristi in Training

Good news, bad news. We finally got our shipment of the gentle leaders. Kristi loved the change in walking Zinfandel, yesterday. But Zinfandel is NOT a fan. Today, we never made it out of the yard. Zinfandel is throwing a huge pouting fit. So, it's patience for Kristi and I'm not sure I've got it in me. We'll see.....
What I'd Do to Deserve This?

I'm So Pitiful!


  1. Seester, My condolences to you as I know the tragedy that is those nasty face itchers. I do my best to look pitiful and sad but my PRs insist that they continue to adorn my face. UGH! And, you know what else? They insist that I don't scratch at it or dig my face in the ground or rub my face on their legs or anything else and have the nerve to correct me when I try. I have tried whining when it is on but that doesn't seem to work. If you figure out a way to get them to remove it when we are working or walking please, please pass that information on to your younger brother!!

  2. Hi Merlot,
    So far I just sit on my butt, but then they try to entice me with kibble and toys. I get so excited with that I forget being stubborn for a few seconds then I realize my mistake and sit right back down or better yet lay down and start rubbing at it. HA! HA! Do you think they will give in soon?
    Oldest of the Litter, Zinfandel.