Monday, June 11, 2012

Zinfandel Loves the Water

When Zinfandel was visiting Chardonnay a few weeks ago they played in a baby pool. Zinfandel really liked it the first night, so Kristi didn't think there would be any problems with water. But, very recently she has started reacting to sprinklers. Lee turned on the water spout on the deck the other night to get her interested in water coming out of things. It took her awhile, but after a bit she was zipping through it. So, yesterday, we took her to the doggie park. Now this ain't your NYC doggie park, this is wide open space with a stream running through it and on a Sunday tons of people, kids and dogs. So the socialization experience was amazing. Which is really good since we don't know a lot of young kids and not many dog owners. When we took her to the stream, Lee through her ball in and she went right after it, of course in a deep spot, she sunk down and popped up like a bobber. Of course Kristi forgot her camera in the car! We took her to a shallower section and she ran up and down the stream getting her ball, playing nice with other dogs trying to take her ball and in general getting very wet! Now that's a fun Sunday and a worn out puppy.

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  1. Ha ha, Merlot had a puppy pool play date with Riesling the other day. Had to go out and get him one himself! :) Hopefully it'll get a lot of use this summer. Looks like she had fun!