Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zinfandel's First Wedding

We were blessed to be invited to Lee's good, friend's, daughter's wedding in Estes Park, this past weekend. Lee's daughter Sarah served as maid of honor. We were a bit nervous going into the two day festivities about Zinfandel's ability to behave well. She hadn't been doing so well with the Gentle Leader and as everyone knows by now the 'wine' litter is living up to their names via 'whining'. We are happy to report she did very well. At the outdoor BBQ rehearsal dinner she found a shady spot, out of the way to lay down and stayed there through dinner. Then she went for a walk with Lee's son, Jon. At one point Kristi looked over and there sat Zinfandel watching kids throwing a brightly colored ball around and she not once broke out of sit/stay while Jon talked with friends. Later the cape came off so Zinfandel could say hi to everyone who wanted to pet her and she went for her first swim in a lake. The next day at the wedding reception she just laid down on the deck and snoozed, then for dinner she did a very good down under. Twice she went to the ladies room with Kristi and did well in the stall, (Kristi was hurrying up NOT Zinfandel). We had many compliments about how well she did and we were very pleased. Will we get pay back as she moves into the terrible twos and teenage years? LOL!

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  1. WOW - good girl Zinfandel! You've been getting so many new and amazing adventures! You have such great puppy raisers!